RA9 Sport 9X19mm Semi Auto Aluminum Pistol

RA9 Sport, the newest product of the RA9 series, is specially produced for shooters. Its frame is made of 7075 Aluminum, with its customizable grip and Aluminum Magwell, it offers a comfortable grip for shooting. It provides accurate target accuracy thanks to its adjustable rear sight and fiber optic front sight. It has a design that is easy to disassemble and suitable for two-handed use. It also includes a suppressors option. Thanks to its Optic-Ready Slide and MIL-STD-1913 Military Standart Picatinny Rail , it allows you to use your accessories such as lasers and flashlights with pleasure. It offers high safety thanks to the Striker Status Indicator , Cocked Indicator , Trigger Safety, Firing Pin Safety and Drop Safety. As with RA9 Defence, it provides a perfect, trouble-free and long-lasting experience with its unique Monoblock Trigger Group and 17 rounds original CZ 75 Mec-Gar magazine.

The Unique “Monoblock Trigger Group”

It provides a more durable and long-lasting use thanks to the unique Monoblock Trigger Group, on which all the parts that enable the gun to operate and fire are collected. It offers the opportunity to have a renewed weapon by simply changing the Monoblock Trigger Group. It makes disassembly and cleaning easy.

Professional Appearance for Shooters and 7075 Aluminum Frame

A more stylish and Professional Appearance for Shooters thanks to its special design, and a more durable pistol with its 7075 Aluminum Frame.

RA9 Sport makes a difference

Ranger RA9 Sport leaves its competitors behind with its original 17-round CZ 75 Mec-Gar magazine, excellent Trigger Weight, Trigger Reset Distance and Special Weight Balance to prevent No Recoil during shooting for shooters.

Ranger Safety Standarts

Steel Slide Back Plate,Firing Pin Safety,Drop Safety and Trigger Safety are makes more reliable to pistol. With Cocked Indicator and Striker Status Indicator provide a more controlled use.

Customizable Design

It offers a special experience with its Grip Options (Aluminum/Wooden etc.) that you can adjust to your palm and the MIL-STD-1913 Military Standard Picatinny Rail on which you can attach your personal accessories such as flashlights and lasers. Ambidextrous Magazine Release and Ambidextrous Slide Stop Lever are available for right and left users. Specially Designed Polymer Pistol Case makes it easier to carry.

Chamber Loaded Indicator

Cocked Indicator

Striker Status Indicator

Ambidextrous Slide Stop Lever

17 Rounds CZ75 Mec-Gar Magazine

MIL-STD-1913 Military Standart Picatinny Rail


    Ranger RA9 Sport Series
  • CODE
    RA9 Sport01
    Single Action Semi Auto
    Black(Frame&Slide) Orange Grip, Blue Grip, Wooden Grip and more
    9x19 mm NATO Parabellum
    4140 Steel
    7075 Aluminum
    17 Rounds
    209 mm
    146 mm
  • WEIGHT(with mag.)
    1,1 kg
    33 mm
    Between 2,3-2,5 kg
    4.0 mm

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